Genuine Cornish Pasties

What is a ‘Genuine Cornish Pasty’?


cornish_pastyA genuine Cornish pasty has a destinctive ‘D’ shape and is crimped on one side, never on top. The texture of the filling for the pasty is chunky, made up of uncooked minced or roughly cut chunks of beef (not less than 12.5%), swede or turnip, potato and onion with a light seasoning.

The pastry casing is golden in colour, savoury, glazed with milk or egg and robust enough to retain its shape throughout the cooking and cooling process without splitting or cracking. The whole pastry is slow-baked to ensure that flavours from the raw ingredients are maximized.

No artificial flavourings or additives must be used.

And, perhaps most importantly, it must be made in Cornwall.

What is the Cornish Pasty Association?


cpa_logoThe Cornish Past Association (CPA) was formed in 2002 by a group of pasty makers based in Cornwall.

There are cureently over 50 members in the association, representing approximately half of all pasty businesses in Cornwall. Collectively, the CPA members produce around 86.5 million pasties each year.

Total sales relating to pasties sold by the members is £60m per annum. This represents 6% of the Cornish food economy.